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'Hey, Doc' achievement rarity

Posted on 27 May 19 at 21:22
I couldn't help but notice that this achievement seems to be the point where the completion ratio for both TA and Xbox Live in general takes a nose dive, and I'm not entirely sure why.

The achievement comes right at the start of the game nearly, maybe half an hour in, but it looks like it's the point where everyone stops playing. Already it's deemed an Xbox 'rare achievement' and even the TA Ratio reflects this. The game ought to be considered an easy completion - none of the achievements are particularly challenging, you don't die very often, and it doesn't take that long to finish everything (maybe 20 hours). Considering the approach to achievements on TA, it's pretty surprising that everyone chooses this point right at the beginning to stop playing. I don't think it being a Games with Gold entry has anything to do with it either as the score history has been pretty consistent.

So what's up? Are people starting it and deciding they hate it right away, or is the length of the opening cut scene (I didn't time it, but I'm guessing it lasted about seven weeks) putting people off?
Posted on 12 June 19 at 15:01
GWG status killed the xbox live numbers since you don't need an achievement to be counted towards that list unlike for TA. The game world is beautiful but the game mechanics are very dated - perhaps that is why no one here is racing to get it done?
Posted on 15 July 19 at 02:49
I am still going to keep playing, but after I got this achievement I ran into some soldiers and realized it's very hard to fight in this game.

You have to hold down left trigger and right trigger and I shot them a lot of times but they didn't die, I ended up dying 3 times so far.
I am going to check my difficulty level and change to easy if that's possible.

Might also be because I picked this up again after about a month and am trying to remember what the controls are. At least I can start from the beginning without much hassle.
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