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Exploration Game Sable Delayed Until 2020

  • punkyliarpunkyliar219,953
  • Posted on 28 May 19 at 20:18
    The premise of this one really intrigued when I saw it originally. I can be patient.
    I work on achievements. Life sanity tip: don't work on achievements.
  • billbillbillbillbillbill922,831
    Posted on 28 May 19 at 20:56
    Fair enough. Nothing wrong with a bit of a delay.
    The production and scope of the game was already ambitious for a two-person team. Ramping up on staff and taking more time can only be a good thing.
    Can't wait to see how this shapes things by the end of the year.
  • coipcoip246,876
    Posted on 28 May 19 at 21:07
    Sable is my most anticipated game, followed by The Last Night.
  • Otouto72Otouto721,413,153
    Posted on 28 May 19 at 21:33
    “The team is making sure they get things right”

    Well good for them because too many companies have made the mistake of rushing out games for release in a clearly unfinished and unplayable state and then release updates that made things worse rather than better. Patience is a virtue, or at least I read about it once.
  • Posted on 28 May 19 at 22:31
    I must have missed this one, so I looked up video. It looks amazing in the state I saw it in, so if they're delaying it to polish it even more, more power too them.
  • Posted on 29 May 19 at 01:38
    A game that certainly caught my eye, I'll be patiently waiting for next year then!
  • BasileusBasileus269,126
    Posted on 29 May 19 at 07:01
    I've completeley missed this, but this looks great. Art style of Moebius, I love this. clap
  • Posted on 30 May 19 at 10:25
    Art style is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait. music
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