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Mr SpinelesS
Mr SpinelesS
Posted on 01 June 19 at 05:45, Edited on 02 June 19 at 08:34 by Mr SpinelesS
Does anyone have a list of what all the upgrades do at all levels?

What do all the supply drop levels contain?
Does maxing out Sprint gives you unlimited sprinting?
Whats the Total storage capacity for packhorse?
Does Stealth increase movement speed while crouching?
Does Metal Detector help inside houses? The upgrades says Start with detector, is it an item you can drop? are there metal detectors to be found in the world?
What does Fast talk do exactly?

Do any of the upgrades help with home invasions? (eg. does restrain call off the alert? Does any skill increase the time till cops arrive?)

Also, possibly not a question about upgrades, but other than waiting for a person to leave their house and knocking them out and stealing their keys, is there any other way to loot a house without an alert?
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