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Did I wait to long to start this game or can I still 1000 this game and enjoy it

Mossberg AZ
Mossberg AZ
Posted on 05 June 19 at 03:45
Just like the title says, I'm just worried that I waited to long to start it and Im gonna be such a low rank character. I know their's tons of new dlc and content for it and hope I can catch up or people will be ok with me on there team. Looks like theirs only the original achievements so I should be ok with unlocking them. Going to buy this game in few days depending on what people think and if I'm to late. I've just been stuck on gears of war 4 online and wanted a fps. If I buy it can I buy original used game or should I look for a game of year type bundle. Do they have something with all characters.
Bastian Reader
Posted on 05 June 19 at 05:21
It's a fun game, and you can jump in whenever you want. I just started this game last month and I'm not having a problem with the game. I'm already rank 30 and I've been playing legit. I've also unlocked all 20 origin all characters. You do not have to buy anything special besides the base game unless you want to play as newer characters who have abilities or weapons that you like. I'd say just go for the original release unless you get a really good deal. But it's up to your playing style.
Posted on 06 June 19 at 09:21, Edited on 06 June 19 at 09:23 by Eiscy
It’s absolutely not too late for you to start. There are always new people coming into Rainbow Six: Siege and the community is really strong on every platform. I will concede that this does come with a negative. The more experienced players in this game can be horrendously toxic even in casual matchmaking. You WILL be teamkilled and vote kicked occasionally, maybe even regularly depending on luck, for making innocent mistakes or even for not doing anything wrong at all. I would recommend playing with a group of at least 3 so the vote kick numbers are in your favor. You could even find players to group with from this site but I’m sure you already know that.

Do not let the thought of toxicity turn you off of the game though. While there are plenty of toxic people you can enjoy the game with randoms and it isn’t like you’re going to get purposely teamkilled or kicked every game. Siege is a very good shooter that’s worth the time investment. Conveniently the game is on sale right now. You can get the Ultimate Edition that includes all of the currently released characters as well as the Year 4 Pass for $55.00 or hop in the kiddie pool with the Deluxe Edition that’s a measly $12.00. At that low of a price there isn’t really an excuse to not try the game.

If you decide to pull the trigger and get it, good luck!
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