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Rainbow Collection is Stuck

Posted on 07 June 19 at 09:35, Edited on 07 June 19 at 17:54 by Tully123
For me, this achievement does not progress, no matter what I do. From the moment I first collected the wool (following the walkthrough on TA) the progress went to 6% and has not changed since. I have tried different worlds, actually going and shearing sheep and collecting the dyes and doing it in all different manners, but nothing works. I find it strange, because I see people are unlocking this achievement each day and nobody else talking about it, so perhaps it is only affecting me?

I've tried placing the wool and mining it, I've tried dropping it and collecting it. I've tried collecting the wool while on a different computer (well, in a virtual machine). Nothing. I tested another account to see if that could fare any better, it got stuck at 6% too! Ugh.

I would be curious to see if anyone has any suggestions or if there are others that have encountered this.


*Also, I have tried on all difficulties.

**Well, as it happens, it finally unlocked on the day that I decided to post about it. I noticed the game was updated in the store, I booted it up and collected all the wool from the chest. I checked and it still said 6% so I thought it remained glitched. I hit the X to exit the game then the achievement unlocked. I probably collected the wool about 100 times, so it's nice that it finally acknowledged it. lol. Iron Belly also took about 20 tries before it decided to unlock. I guess persistence is the best way forward.
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