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Potential new player: Difficulty rating and time to 100%?

Posted on 10 June 19 at 02:14
Hey all, based on what I just heard from Bethesda E3 conference I'm intrigued to jump into 76. Can some people give their honest impressions of time to get to 100%, difficulty rating, glitched/missable achievements, can be done solo? Thank you!
Posted on 11 June 19 at 17:42
Happy to help. My honest opinion of the game is that it is incredibly lackluster and boring until about level 25+. Up to that point, you are largely confined to a smaller area of the map and a small selection of enemies. Time to 100 depends on if you have help or not (which I would be more than willing to assist as I am level 105ish) as it would be much faster in terms of the multiplayer cheevos and the ones that require you travel in places in the map that you may have not explored. Also, with killing the scrochbeast queen, which is by far the hardest achievement, it depends of whether or not you are in a lobby of people who are willing to help which most of the time, they are. It is timed and the queen (at least when I did it) has a lot of health. I had 6 other people helping and we killed it with 6 minutes left. To my knowledge there are no bugged achievements but I had a few take a while to unlock after completing the requirements (about 5 minutes). Finally, there are some achievements that require more than one person but, as I said, I would be willing to help. The game is honestly not a hard 100 with level 100 taking the longest. I was level 81 when I unlocked every other achievement and there is a way to power level. I was able to go from 81 to 100 in about 4 hours. The game is actually very fun once you have invested time into it and have had time to learn the map/game mechanics. Happy Hunting! smile
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