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Achievements not popping at all

Posted on 10 June 19 at 22:21, Edited on 11 June 19 at 18:14 by sicyman
I've seen posts about this before where you need to wait for them to pop, change the game to survival and disable cheats etc. But I'm having problems unlocking anything in any of my worlds, and the trackers aren't updating for any achievement (such as the play 100 days, it's been stuck and I've played for a few hours with no change). And specifically on new worlds I should've gotten some other achievements.

Just curious if anyone else is having any difficulties. It's only been happening today so it may fix it tomorrow automatically, it's just pretty annoying.

EDIT: Yeah so in case this happens to anyone else, it fixed itself after about 20 hours, but any progress I made in this time wasn't counted, so I had to redo any achievements that didn't pop. Probably re-download the game and it might fix it
PaTaN Rodriguez
Posted on 01 July 19 at 15:10
Hello friend I am having problems with achievements without exploding, is there any solution?
I'm happy with these:

The lie
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