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Goliath meet David achievement

Posted on 11 June 19 at 18:16
This is one of the last achievements I need (besides the ones they just added) Would anyone be able to give me a hand with it?
Posted on 11 June 19 at 19:14
I'm down to help...I've tried to get this so many times and can never get them level up enough. Frustrating
Posted on 11 June 19 at 20:19
I got it at frost burn canyon at about level 13 by just shooting his mask off and letting him kill everyone while I watched from cover.
Senor Slurpee 2
Posted on 12 June 19 at 06:48
I can help if you need it. The way that I have been able to do it a couple times is Ill take a higher level character like a +50 and travel to frostburn canyon n normal mode. Ill find a weapon that is around their level (13?) and I will go down the ramp and straight ahead slightly to the left there is a enclosure that spawns around 3 goliaths. I usually just pick one and don't shoot it and just drop the health off all the other enemies. Sometime I found that other goliaths were too strong and I just ended up killing them. Once all those enemies are gone and its just me and the goliath left I leave that area and go in the cave area (it will be to your left as you exit the enclosure) with the goliath chasing after me. once you get in the cave there are a lot more enemies that you let it take out. If it starts struggling just shoot down the health of the enemies. That should be enough just in the entrance area to upgrade him to GOD if not on the right side there are stairs leading upwards that have another set of enemies which is definitely enough to get it. Like I said I can help if you need it just message me and Ill jump on.
Grim Actions
Posted on 15 June 19 at 23:46
Dude if you need it hmu. I can guarantee you get it in about 5 minutes. Just go up toward where you kill scorch. Along the way there will be some enemies and one or two will be a goliath. Kill the other ones because its possible for them to kill him. Then lead him more toward scorch and there are like 3 groups of spider ants. Its simple at that point. But if u need help message me on TA and I'll get with you
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