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Original and remastered versions.

Posted on 12 June 19 at 03:23
I really enjoyed this game. I beat a couple of times and call it wishful thinking or whatever you want but I would really like to see Microsoft allow to import old games saves from the xbox360 to the xbox one versions and remasters. I think that would be cool.
Yummy Baklava
Yummy Baklava
Posted on 12 June 19 at 10:00, Edited on 12 June 19 at 10:01 by Yummy Baklava
It's up to Techland (developer) and Deep Silver (publisher) if they want the option to import game saves.

It has been three years since the game was released for current-gen consoles. If they were going to do it, they would have done it already. I would have played this a long time ago if the option was there.
Posted on 12 June 19 at 16:23
It would have been nice, because the grind is so much worse on the new version. The XP used to scale with your level, now it's static. I think I beat the game 4 times with Sam and I'm still only level 56.

They were probably trying to keep the game free of modded weapons, which are prevalent with the 360 version. I haven't seen a modded weapon on the XB1 yet, though I did see a guy on Mixer one kill kicking everyone...the flew across the screen and exploded...It wasn't rage, he was doing that through the game- so that was modded. PS4 has modded weapons now, so if you can do it there, I'm sure you can do it here.

I'm disappointed that the 360 versions didn't end up becoming BC. The one game I would have LOVE to have stacked the JP versions of.
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