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Last two Lost Tales of Greece?

Posted on 12 June 19 at 17:36
Any idea when the last two cheeves will be available? I feel as if they are really trying hard to spread this game out.
Posted yesterday at 09:33
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Assassin PlL
Assassin PlL
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HolyHalfDead said:
Chakaal Starr said:
When does part 10 and 11 come out for lost tales?
Over the next 5 weeks - they release 2 between each of the 6-week Paid DLC drops.
That's from comment section of the news about Atlantis Episode 2 being available.
Posted today at 04:38, Edited today at 04:39 by Goldnfoxx
I feel like Ubi has done a terrible job of letting people know exactly when to expect these kinds of things to drop, or for that matter how many of these Lost Tales of Greece quests there are going to be. (And "sometime in the six weeks between the Atlantis packs" is hardly a good answer.) Either that or I just don't know where to look to find the information. Not that I'm particularly a fan of the way they're scattering these releases in the first place. Just release the stuff and let me finish the game, already.
Posted today at 12:39
Wow! Damned if you do and damned if you don't. People bitch there's not enough content then when you provide they bitch you're dragging it out.

They've been steadily releaseing a video describing dates for almost everything and any updates they're working on.

As for how many that's been known for quite some time. That was announced by Ubisoft. Also his answer isn't "sometime between" it's they release 2 between. Aka usually Week 2 and 4. It's literally been a hard schedule for the most part as opposed to GTA V single player content
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