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    Posted on 14 June 19 at 20:02
    Please use this thread to discuss the The Jackbox Party Pack 3 walkthrough
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  • TheOnlyMattoTheOnlyMatto2,155,911
    Posted on 01 March 20 at 06:01, Edited on 01 March 20 at 07:52 by TheOnlyMatto
    Awesome WT but there appears to be an update to the game that has made part of it slightly off:

    Fakin' it

    The next achievement requires us to get through 40 'You Gotta Point' tasks. If you are following this guide you should be at 4 rounds done of 'You Gotta Point' and still on your first game. Keep playing 'You Gotta Point' and make sure the Faker never receives the majority of the vote during 'You Gotta Point'. In a 4-player game, there are 7 rounds of games, each with 3 tasks. Once you reach the final round of your first game you'll have 19 'You Gotta Point' tasks
    In a 4 player game there is only 3 rounds, now, and then a final round. It takes 5 games to reach 40 you got a point tasks.

    Tee KO

    Once the shirt with all 6 colors appears in the gauntlet the third achievement should pop.
    Due to the update there are 8 colors (didn't know what was new or old) and I couldn't get it to work but found this in the forum and it worked:

    Use all colors except for purple and brown. These colors were added in an update and void the achievement.
    Great WT, ty for writing it (and ty to the overseer) greatly appreciated. I hope I haven't offended you I only wish to help especially with this being on game pass. It is clear, in my opinion, that the update is the only thing that threw off this WT. toastclapdancerock
    See you in Valhalla
  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer2,140,761
    Posted on 01 March 20 at 16:38
    There's a mistake in Quiplash 2.
    You say that in order to get the Super Quiplash achievement, you need to connect 4 players and an audience member.
    In reality you need to connect 5 players and an audience member.
  • Posted on 26 February 21 at 03:42
    Thanks everyone. I made the changes in the walkthrough!!
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