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Posted on 14 June 19 at 20:39
I'm gonna do Trema soon. I was wondering if it's viable to just have yuna use group cure and Paine just use cactling gun over and over. YRP are all level 99. I've seen some other strategies online, but they all seem like too much effort to be honest.
Lambent Lail
Lambent Lail
Posted on 17 June 19 at 20:01, Edited on 17 June 19 at 20:02 by Lambent Lail
YRP at level 99 and all using a fully leveled Mascot dressphere makes Trema very easy. I used Yuna to heal and buff, Rikku to heal and throw ethers (and occasionally attack), and Paine just used Cactling Gun the whole time.

Use the Higher Power garment grid for Paine and run her around all the gates at the very beginning of the battle to get Break Damage Limit. Use the Valiant Lustre garment grid for Yuna and Rikku and do the same for a defense boost for them.

I set the dressphere animation to "short" in the Config settings, which allowed me to run all the girls through all the gates before Trema even got a turn in, which is extremely helpful.
Resident Evil junkie
Posted on 18 June 19 at 11:41
What accessories did you use? I've tried looking on gamefaqs.... but people on gamefaqs... but there's not too much useful information.
Posted on 19 June 19 at 13:16
I just beat Trema yesterday, using the strategy you plan to use with mastered Mascot on all three girls.

I had Crystal Gloves (Def+60) on everyone and used the Valiant Lustre Grid (Def/Mdef+20) to get everyone's defense as high as I could. Yuna had Ragnarok (0 MP Cost), Rikku had a Speed Bracer (Auto-Haste), and Paine had Invincible (Break Damage Limit). If you don't have Invincible, you'll want to put Paine on the Higher Power grid and sphere change until you unlock BDL for that fight.

Yuna healed, Rikku used a Stamina Tablet (just to be safe), then attacked to give Paine a chain boost or used items to heal Paine's MP because I forgot I had Three Stars in my inventory. Paine used the Bushido Nonpareil skill 5 times to get the maximum strength boost, then used Cactling gun until Trema died. It would do between 60k and max damage each round. Trema used Meteor twice, but didn't get to use Ultima.

If you want an even easier time, you can bribe Paragon (800k+ gil) to get some Dark Matter. You might want to switch Rikku's Speed Bracer for a Crystal Bangle (HP+100%) so she can survive a hit and use the Highroad Winds Grid (First Strike), with Lady Luck as her starting class, and Alchemist next to it. Switch to Alchemist at the start of the Trema fight and Mix Potion + Dark Matter. The girls are now immune to damage. You can then have her stay in Alchemist so you're ready to Mix again as soon as the immunity wears off, or change to Mascot while waiting.
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