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Achievement streak page

Posted on 15 June 19 at 07:48
Why can I not get to the achievement streak page when I select the option on the drop down list from the gamer tag.
I can only access the achievement streak page from the achievement streak box on my homepage.
Posted on 15 June 19 at 09:21
I get the same - clicking the link in the drop-down just loads the TA homepage. Same thing also happens when clicking the green arrow at the top of the streak box on the homepage.

Using Chrome on desktop - Version 74.0.3729.169
Yours sincerely, TG
Posted on 15 June 19 at 21:46
It was mostly likely due to the recent site update (new gamertag thingy) it broke a couple of things.

If you guys find more GT related bugs throw an old Post in this topic. :-)
New Gamertag system bugs
This post might contain spelling mistakes, I'm a dyslexia. Also this may have a different opinion to yours.
WebChimp UK
WebChimp UK
Posted on 17 June 19 at 14:43, Edited on 17 June 19 at 14:44 by WebChimp UK
This should be fixed now. Thank you for raising it and please let us know if you're still having difficulties.
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