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Looking for a co op partner

N7 Tigger
N7 Tigger
Posted on 15 June 19 at 18:36
I'm looking for someone on their Normal playthrough to team up from the Palace of Lathyrus.

I have already defeated Amiren so we will not be able to connect unless you have also defeated Amiren but have not yet defeated Shadow of Ashen.

So we will go through the Palace of Lathyrus and defeat Shadow of Ashen, then go through Wrinkled Grotto and defeat Sissna.

Message me here or on xbox if you are interested.
Posted on 24 June 19 at 11:27
I am at your very situation. Would need somebody in their normal walkthrough to help me out. Anyway, we could try out Lathirus f*****g palace (its true name) both in Sissna mode. Who knows? I have kind of sorted out how to navigate it almost to the end but my IA is an utter moron and I keep being killed in a blink of an eye at the very end.

If you feel like trying, add me and message me via LIVE.
Do unto others...
Posted on 29 June 19 at 23:27, Edited on 29 June 19 at 23:31 by Skend
I'm looking for someone to help me for the final boss
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