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A Noah Lot Achievement not popping

Posted on 17 June 19 at 00:55
Anybody having this problem? I have opened all Arks on one playthrough and 5 on a second but still this achievement will not pop for me. Im not using cheats and other achievements are popping for me for, but not this one. Anybody got a fix for this. I already tried a hard reset.
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KAW 24
KAW 24
Posted on 21 June 19 at 16:14
Sorry, this wasn't a problem for me - I believe it popped when it was supposed to for me. I routinely find all of the location items, leaving the ark weapon/ability for last but I doubt that has any affect on the achievement.

FWIW I went through a spell where achievements regularly wouldn't unlock for me, including supposed 'unmissable' story-related achievments. E.g. I had to replay over half of the Watch_Dogs campaign because 'Complete Act 3' didn't unlock. Sometimes the Xbox wouldn't even start and would display an 'E' code early in the boot sequence. I tried resetting the console several times but it didn't really help until the most recent reset. Previously I would keep all installed apps and games and restore the saved settings when prompted. This last time I still kept the installed apps and games but chose not to keep the saved settings. Obviously I lost whatever preferences were in those settings and had to reapply them but my Xbox has been stable and achievements have been reliably unlocking ever since. YMMV
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