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Information Posted on 18 June 19 at 11:46
Please use this thread to discuss the Halo Wars 2 walkthrough
Posted on 22 June 19 at 17:35, Edited on 22 June 19 at 17:35 by EmagDrolBot
I'm the guy working on this one, so I thought I'd update with progress.

I just finished writing up the last mission of the first campaign playthrough on Easy. That means that the overwhelming bulk of the base game+TU is complete. Preview here if you would like.

To follow is:
- Legendary playthrough: Due to the Skulls in this game providing enormous bonuses, this will likely be easier than the Easy playthrough, with a few exceptions that will be covered in detail. The guides will be shorter than the Easy playthrough, because it will largely be: Do the same as easy, but skip all the bonus/optional stuff and abuse skulls to make it hard to lose.
- Blitz Firefight: This will cover the Blitz firefight sections of the game, which will be short and sweet. This mode can be done in under an hour and is a simple matter of following a powerful setup.
- Blitz/Skirmish/Multiplayer: The bulk of what remains for the base game. This will cover both matchmade and coop achievements that remain, while detailing efficient ways to boost all remaining achievements with a partner and also how to do them yourself if you don't want to find a partner unless it's strictly necessary.
DLC Leader packs: There are eight of these and are all very similar. Will be covered in a similar manner to above in that they can be done solo or boosted.
DLC: Operation Spearbreaker: Two mission DLC that will be covered in a similar manner to the Easy Walkthrough. Contains possibly the two hardest achievements, now that they've been fixed to no longer be cheeseable.
DLC: Awakening the Nightmare: Will either be one or two sections, depending on if I split the campaign from the misc. Is essentially a miniature version of the main game.

I'd estimate that including all DLC sections, the walkthrough is 40-50%ish complete.
Posted on 24 June 19 at 05:48
The base game and title update are now complete in entirety, bringing total completion up to ~65%.

Remaining are all the DLCs: 8 Leader Packs, Operation: Spearbreaker, Awakening the Nightmare.
Information Posted on 04 July 19 at 13:07
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Halo Wars 2 Walkthrough
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