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Site Ratio - TA history

Posted on 18 June 19 at 19:26
Has the Site Ratio been increasing or decreasing over the life of TA?

This could be a measure of how much better gamers have become over time (increasing) or an indication of more TA members joining faster than their completion stats (decreasing).

An overall site Stats page might be nice, or even a yearly summary.
Bastian Reader
Posted on 18 June 19 at 19:53
Along with this it would be cool to have a snapshot of the ta score before a game is announced as games with gold, game pass, ta playlist, etc. to see the impact that these events have on a game.
Posted on 18 June 19 at 20:04
The average user ratio used to be something like 1.3 years ago, and now it's at a 1.54. Seeing how overinflated X1 games are compared to the systems that came before it in terms of ratio, it makes a fair bit of sense.
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