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!!!!Breakout "Unstoppable" Commendation!!!! NEED HELP

Posted on 19 June 19 at 06:34
This may be a long shot but I am looking for 7 other people to potentially boost this commendation with. Yes, I know there is no achievement associated to getting this commendation in Halo 5. However I am a competitionist when it comes to games and I am looking to get them all in multiplayer. This one is the only one I do not see myself getting ever.

I hate to boost for this one, but it is absolutely impossible to obtain legitimately. Plus the actual description of the commendation is false. You need to survive an entire game of breakout not just a single "round".

It would be a bit of a grind, but I just hate to be that guy in a game sitting at the back hoping nobody finds me and kills me the entire match, meanwhile my teammates are dead, watching me be AFK essentially. I know if I saw this in a game I would not be too happy.

So if anyone is interested in trying to obtain this, please message me here or on xbox live.

Thanks :)
Posted on 25 June 19 at 05:17
I need also
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