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Achievements not unlocking

  • Posted on 20 June 19 at 15:27, Edited on 21 June 19 at 19:08 by 緑眼のイアンPermalink
    Neither Wrong Place, Wrong Time (kill 1000 enemies) nor Painbringer (have a primary equipped that does over 200 shield or hull damage other than the Ancient Weapon) have unlocked for me despite meeting the requirements. I have over 1500 kills and in my current run I have a Neutron Cannon that was upgraded by that one guy for Viridian Energy and with a hull damage mod that does 273.31 hull damage and 300 shield damage.

    Any idea how to fix this? I've tried hard resetting as well as uninstalling the game, neither worked.

    Edit: Misread the requirements for Painbringer, so I hadn't actually met its requirements and it unlocked when I did it correctly. I still don't have Wrong Place, Wrong Time with 2781 kills.
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