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online achievements

xl KaZaR lx
xl KaZaR lx
Posted on 20 June 19 at 17:15
hello, i try to know if the online work always? and if some players want to do the online achievements with me? :)
Yummy Baklava
Yummy Baklava
Posted on 21 June 19 at 02:18
It looks like it’s still working as there are online achievements still being unlocked as recently as this week.

If you’re looking for players to boost with, your best chance would be to create a boost session.

How to Create and Join Gaming Sessions on TrueAchievements
Living Legends
Posted on 21 June 19 at 02:45
Best way is to narrow the achievements on the games page to versus and look at the achievements with the smaller ratios. If it's been unlocked recently then they are still running
Posted on 21 June 19 at 20:38
The vast majority of games' online services are still working, regardless of age.

As a general rule of thumb, unless you see something explicitly saying a game is shut down, it's not.
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