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Information Posted on 24 June 19 at 13:09
Please use this thread to discuss this game's classification under the multi-genre system.

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Information Posted on 24 June 19 at 13:12
vSully has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
Not really an rpg. Pretty much a hack and slash dungeon crawler. Various weapons, no skills or abilities. Very minor “level up” system where you gain exp by killing enemies, bar fills up, gain more health as a result.

Sort of diablo meets dark souls with hack and slash combat and different weapons that are static finds in the world, no randomness.
Posted on 24 June 19 at 20:52
no one has completed this game.have onobtainables?
Posted on 25 June 19 at 00:38, Edited on 25 June 19 at 05:27 by vSully
I've completed it. The talk to all NPCs achievement may be broken. Everything else has been gotten by someone. PSN has completions and it was a PC port I assume the achievements will work, but I feel like I've talked to all NPCs and no achievement yet. Still working on it.

There are no guides. Some areas are huge and there's no map. There are 100 shards to find. I've found some basic info from the Dev on the steam forums with an outline of what can be found in each area. If I can find the few shards I missed on this run and get the ending I still need, I'll just have to sort out the NPCs issue.
Posted on 05 July 19 at 11:28
We've discussed this a bit, looked into gameplay and such. The team agrees on it not being RPG, but it was an issue of figuring out what it would be.

We've decided on Action-Adventure, though. From the looks of things, this should fit it.. Hopefully!

Thanks for the disagreement. toast
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