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Broken Achievements

Posted on 24 June 19 at 16:32, Edited on 25 June 19 at 06:42 by MushaConvoy
Hey guys,
My mate has an issue with two achievements in this game...

10 different Fool cards
Muse/Bard/Legendary Guitar

He has the 10 Fool cards of varying Divine/Wicked (and yes, they are all different), has Muse/Bard and multiple Legendary guitars, but neither achievement have popped.

Have tried the following:

- Removing the cards/guitars from inventory/stash and vice versa
- Selling/buying back all the cards/guitars
- Stashing all the cards/guitars and transferring them to a fresh character slot
- Deleting the save from the console and letting it sync back
- Deleting and reinstalling the game (then trying all the above possibilities)

Other achieves have worked fine, the Gunslinger/Silver Bullet achievement worked as it should, as did the 18 weapon cards.

Any other suggestions? I'm all out.
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Posted on 18 August 19 at 10:58
I've had achievement issues for over a year and have yet to work out how to fix it. I've got *unmissable* story related Motorhead ones locked...
Posted on 19 August 19 at 05:17
I'm sure you've already tried a bunch of things already, but my mate missed this one too, however we got it in the end.

Did you play it in co-op? I was the host, returned to the pub after beating the Queen and spoke to the bartender. Mate was still loading when it happened, however when he arrived at the pub, quest was complete and no achievement was given.

Resolved this by having him host, went to the Queen and beat her, then had him travel to the pub first.

Just curious if you've tried beating the Motorhead DLC as a fresh character if that made any difference? If you've a high level buddy they can teleport you to the story objectives and beat the bosses for you.
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