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Xbox One Sale Roundup: June 25th, 2019

  • SweetArkhaneSweetArkhane616,099
    Posted on 25 June 19 at 18:46Permalink
    Kanchanaburi said:
    Chuck710Taylor said:
    may finally pull trigger on the council. debating it....
    don't do it. it will be on the game pass soon enough!
    Yes but it won't stay on the game pass, so at that price I can be tempted too^^
  • Rigpig1919Rigpig191936,344
    Posted on 26 June 19 at 06:03Permalink
    FH3 stuff is well worth the money for anyone who doesn’t have it.
  • wolfsburgrazwolfsburgraz484,986
    Posted on 26 June 19 at 16:27Permalink
    Man, there are at least 5 games on this list that I have bought at higher prices in the past... and still haven't played. laugh

    x Mataeus x said:
    NateDawgSn1per said:
    Can't express how much I did not enjoy Wonder Boy...... unfortunately
    Oh no! I loved it on the Master System.
    I forgot to comment on this. I loved this game back on the Master System, played through it or sections of it at least a few times. I started this for my Bean Dive last year and felt the same way as NateDawg. I just wasn't having fun, and will probably struggle to return to it.

    Lovely remaster, the artwork is great, but it seems some things are just better left to nostalgia for me.
  • Posted on 30 June 19 at 06:20Permalink
    Any thoughts on TRON RUN/R? I’m aware that it has 2 discontinued cheevos, aside from that would anyone recommend it? I love tron in general, and if I can complete 90% of the game, I’m good with that and the ratio lol. Any feedback would be much appreciated!toast
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