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i know the way! won't unlock

Posted on 25 June 19 at 07:52, Edited on 25 June 19 at 08:01 by TheMCPanda
Originally i posted this asking if anyone had a solution to the achievement not unlocking turns out me and my friends figured it out (and it was really stupid) there is a trigger on each shortcut you have to use for the corresponding achievement to unlock well we each got a different achievement without the trigger correctly being hit (IE:Blizzard Bluff's 2nd fence not being jumped but jumping the first fence twice unlocked the achievement Winter Time Off-Roading for me but it kept me from getting i know the way! because trigger from the 2nd fence was never used) so if you have any issues getting the achievement best i can say is redo every shortcut multiple times to make sure you did them correctly (my friend was able to get Dungeon Vaulter but fell off the shortcut so the trigger didn't work correctly for him)
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