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IReal Showdown
IReal Showdown
Posted on 10 August 19 at 22:55
I've got some aswell be great to finally do them lol
Ireal Showdown (Scott)
Black Wolf 029
Posted on 12 August 19 at 07:01
I'm missing like 5 or 4 and loking to get 2 supers for mastery longshot achievement
Posted on 12 August 19 at 18:16
i am SO down for this

GT RedWolfCrusader, I will be on tonight!
Posted on 13 August 19 at 16:09
Add me to the list: I need Ole' and I Gotcha (grenade tag a retro charging enemy and revive all 4 teammates in horde during a single wave, respectively)

GT: Turtzerker
Posted on 15 August 19 at 14:11
I would also like to boost for some of these.

GT: Denetoad
mr flibble 84
mr flibble 84
Posted on 26 August 19 at 10:05
I am after 1 super + 1 headshot someone holding a meatshield. Gamertag as username
KAW 24
KAW 24
Posted on 30 August 19 at 00:52
Turtzerker said:
Add me to the list: I need Ole' and I Gotcha (grenade tag a retro charging enemy and revive all 4 teammates in horde during a single wave, respectively)

GT: Turtzerker
You don't need the OLE! ribbon for the achievement.
Posted on 31 August 19 at 21:38
Can anyone give some general advice? I've managed to get the rest of my ribbons the hard way, but am stuck on the last 9. If anyone can suggest modes/Tactics to earn them, I'd be grateful.

BIG OL HERO -- Win a round of dodgeball in which you had been the last man standing.
RALLY -- Won an Escalation match after being behind at half-time
BIG EXIT -- Killed an enemy while grenade tagged.
I GOTCHA -- Revived all four of your teammates in a single wave.
LEAD BY EXAMPLE -- Killed five enemies as the leader in a Guardian round.
DEATH FROM BELOW -- Killed an enemy with a grenade while you were down but not out in a Versus match.
MY HOUSE -- Was on a team that won 7 straight rounds in an Escalation match.
NEGOTIATIONS OVER -- Headshot an enemy who was holding a meatshield in a Versus match
SAPPER STAR -- Killed an enemy by detonating their own planted grenade in a Versus match.
KAW 24
KAW 24
Posted on 01 September 19 at 22:07
The easiest way would be to join or create boosting sessions. If you don't want to do that then the following is how I've earned some of the ribbons above, which might help you. One of the trickiest things when playing solo is getting the correct game type since most players will vote for KOTH in order to work on kills.

You can earn this in horde playing solo on casual. Play as a scout with good health boost and regen. Keep an eye out for grenadiers and try to stay close to them. Most of them will use the gnasher or boltok so just kill those. Eventually one will tag you and you'll just need to shotgun them before it goes off. Shouldn't take more than 6-7 waves.

You can earn this in co-op vs AI if all of your teammates are bots or you have 1-2 novices. For me, playing in the UK, the best chance for a bot-only match would be between midnight and 1am but it's not guaranteed. If you do get a suitable match then just hang back and let them fight it out 4v5 and you should be last man out at least once during a match.

Play co-op vs AI and make sure when you get a map with frag grenades that you grab them before anyone else. With the grenade equipped stand behind cover and wait for an AI opponent to lancer you down. You'll be DBNO and behind cover so they'll have to get close to finish you, when they do press RT to blow them up (and suicide but you'll still get the ribbon).

This is another one where it's best to do on co-op vs AI if you can get bots; otherwise, the enemy leader is unlikely to live long enough for you to get five kills.

I'd recommend KOTH on social quickplay. This will depend on the quality of your opponents but if you see players picking up meatshields and trying to defend the hill from inside the hill then you have a good chance of getting it. Doesn't have to be a longshot but it's probably the best option since you can monitor the hill from a safe distance away.
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