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Custom Mode achievements

Posted on 26 June 19 at 08:06
I’ve just noticed that by activating the custom options that “disable” achievements doesn’t deactivate all of them.

I got frustrated in one cell mode not being able to complete it, so activated a few modifiers.S-mod starting weapons, 0 curse chests and multi jump. While it was still tough I managed the run after a few attempts.

On completing the run the one cell completion didn’t unlock (as expected); but unusually the acquire two stem cells one did. I now have access to two cell mode.

I’m seriously thinking about keeping these mods to unlock the 100% ++ weapons, and the ??% S weapons, so I can go back and clean up my achievements easier.

Anybody else had similar experience, or any other achievements not disabled ?
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Posted on 05 July 19 at 15:31, Edited on 27 July 19 at 11:57 by Nazanir
As far as I know, only the changes you make that have a little lock in front of them, lock achievements tied to that change.

Last Saturday I managed to finally complete 1cell difficulty for the first time, after that it has become increasingly easier. There are also a lot of things you can do to make it easier:

-One of the best tips I can give anyone, use the custom Rune to limit the item pool. This will not disable achievements, and will give you a lot more consistency, pick the items/weapons you are most familiar with. Experiment a lot wit these, since on higher difficulties, synergies become far more important due to damage bonuses.
-Try to Upgrade the Legandary forge so that 50% of all items are ++ quality. This will take some grinding, but will make the game easier levels so much easier, when all your items have bonus attributes, you'll deal more damage and having more health.
-In a similar vein, unlock the shop "rune"/reroll "rune". being able to chose if you want to shop for a shield, weapon, skill, etc also severely limits RNG, coupled with the limited item pool in point one, you'll get very consistent runs.

I can now pretty much easily complete 1cell runs every time I start one. I am now doing 1cell runs to complete the Legendary forge so that I get 100% ++ and then start going 2cell runs so I can dumo cells to get 25% S items, making 2cell runs easier. I can get up to and defeat the Concierge on 2cells with ease, but after that it becomes harder, so the extra stats on items from the Forge are going to help a lot again.

Try to complete at least one daily challange too, so you can unlock the Lacerating aura, which is a really powerful item. Also, doing daily runs will also help you get a better feel how to deal with overwhelming odds.

I know this is a lot of information at once, but if you intent to tackle the higher difficulties (like I am), you'll want to get a good grip on the game, since it can get really hard really fast.
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