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Lair of mad mage group.

Posted on 26 June 19 at 15:32, Edited on 26 June 19 at 15:34 by WudYaLo0kAtThat
Looking for a group of experienced and patient players to do the dungeon . I am 22k HR.
From what i hear we need an OP for heals....but I think a cleric will work. We'll see what we have. Need heals, tank, and 2 dps.

Reply with gear score and class/role etc.
Try to be as close to cap as possible on your stats. Preferably at or over though: 68k for armor pen, crit, accuracy. 116k for combat advantage for dps. Not sure about support. Will leave that to your discretion.

1. Me (DPS)
2. open (DPS)
3. open (DPS)
4. open (HEALS)
5. open (TANK)
Posted on 28 June 19 at 20:05
I’m a 24k GF tank, feel free to msg me to help out. Haven’t done it yet, will probably get a group this weekend. Have watched vids
Posted on 01 July 19 at 16:58, Edited on 01 July 19 at 21:38 by MathNotEvenOnce
Have done first boss, but had bad luck with tanks/clerics (understand mimic mechanic and all on first boss, quick learner for the rest, like rocks on second boss).

22.something K Barbie (but built properly).
140K power
72K armpen for overpenetration feat (flat damage % buff)
75K crit (eventually this'll get lowered :'-) )
116K CA.

All gear is nearly flat % damage buff instead of the random ME high gear scores tuff. (e.g. I chose to continue using Heels, Kiuno, shadowstalker+5, and added ebonized ring, spy sallet, while still maintaining the stats I need). Will be buffing power some more this week

Also have a healer (DC), 20ish K. But I want to tweak that one before attempting LOMM

140K power,
72K crit.
Uncle Henni
Uncle Henni
Posted on 03 July 19 at 07:49
23k Barbarian, feel free to add me. smile
Posted on 03 July 19 at 12:21
Hey guys. I actually managed to get a group and get the completion. I am not going to have any time to play for a while, but feel free to use this thread to make your own group!

I can sub in if you need another dps when i find some time to get online
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