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Prison Break Heist bugged?!

  • Posted on 27 June 19 at 07:39Permalink
    i´ve played every mission of this heist with random ppl (me as host)! If i wanna finish the final mission, the prisoneer stucks and is invincible!
    My questions are:
    1. Is there any way to get him out of this status?
    2. Is there any other way to avoid this "bug"?
    3. Is´nt this heist possible to finish?

  • Posted on 08 July 19 at 13:55Permalink
    Just redo it. It happens on the odd occasion
  • BobbyAshBobbyAsh844,579
    Posted on 13 July 19 at 11:03Permalink
    I also had this problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Worked fine my next go around.
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