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ID@Xbox Announces More Games for Xbox Game Pass

  • MrZombieChickenMrZombieChicken1,287,785
    Posted on 29 June 19 at 18:47
    Damn! Well there goes my "hate opportunity". Disappointed that I own everything except the Crown game. However, Inside is fantastic and SOTN is a classic. Good for those that don't have them and tons better than the travesty that was the June GWG. Now try not to screw things up in August MS.....but I know you will.
    This space for rent.
  • ShinnizleShinnizle1,778,685
    Posted on 30 June 19 at 02:56
    Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you.
    Broke is a state of wallet. Poverty is a state of mind.
  • RacxieRacxie564,291
    Posted on 30 June 19 at 12:19
    Bsmittel said:
    Got a bad feeling Undertale is going to be the Steam port with no achievements. Still can't believe Xbox never got a version until I listened to one of "8-4 Play" podcasts, the localization port team that did the PS4 and Switch console versions. Oh wow they really hate the Xbox.
    Oh damn, really? Any idea why? Sounds like Snapchat's CEO who hated Microsoft too and refused to allow Snapchat to come to Windows Phone.
  • PrisPris1,983,701
    Posted on 30 June 19 at 17:40
    Not much for me this month however I still have plenty thats been added in recent months so its all good.
  • zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzzDrUnKeNMoNkEyz1,810,726
    Posted on 15 August 19 at 09:32
    Yoku’s Island Express just dropped! toast
  • Maw N PawMaw N Paw1,276,446
    Posted on 14 September 19 at 10:22
    Wonder why Secret Neighbor still doesn't have a release date.
    There is always a way.
  • tjw CENA2000tjw CENA2000524,135
    Posted on 01 January 20 at 15:31
    Tabs is now in gamepass as game preview
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