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How to discard orders?

  • Posted on 29 June 19 at 05:53Permalink
    How do you discard orders to get the achievements?
    Savior of cows
  • Posted on 29 June 19 at 08:05Permalink
    Ive been wondering the same thing. I see the discard option when looking at orders but so far far nothing registered in the stats
  • Posted on 01 July 19 at 13:05Permalink
    I am interested in this question too.
  • PetrifiedPetrified964,510
    Posted on 02 July 19 at 04:58Permalink
    I'm assuming it's Y to decline but nobody has progress on it, gotta be glitched
  • Solutos CJSolutos CJ69,507
    Posted on 02 July 19 at 15:11Permalink
    Wasn’t sure if it a case of accepting order then finishing it before it completed but not sure
  • AnthAnth247,710
    Posted on 17 July 19 at 18:54Permalink
    Todays update seems to of fixed this Achievement. You can discard orders from the orders list. Dont have to accept at all. Just press Y to decline orders and achievement will show progression
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