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Boosting games from all Xbox 360 Games

Posted on 29 June 19 at 06:09
My passion at this present moment is to play every PHYSICAL game and to collect them as I am a collector. It's going to be a long and daunting challenge but it be the fun of enjoying difficult games to the point where I've had enough if it and try again later.

People may think I'm mental or just stupid. But it's my choice and that's what i want to do.

If you look through my games I have some but not all.

Currently collecting 2005 games at the moment but certain games I will have trouble boosting, But got to keep trying don't we?

Hope you think I can do well with this challenge.

Happy Gaming!
Posted on 29 June 19 at 06:42, Edited on 29 June 19 at 06:42 by brentiscoool
Best of luck to you! I would be happy to buy and boost any old xbox 360 games online before they shutdown the 360 entirely :( Hmu if you would like me to get some i may already have it as well
Posted on 29 June 19 at 08:08
Not luck. Just a fun challenge to keep me gaming
xG I GeNoCiDeZ
Posted on 04 August 19 at 16:18, Edited on 04 August 19 at 16:20 by xG I GeNoCiDeZ
I've been doing that too as well as all the XBLA games, CEX is a good bet if you're in the UK I can pick up a lot of games for 50p-£2, and "rarer" games like Gun and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland cost me £5. I'm also getting the old XBLA games that weren't delisted.

I've completed NHL 2K6, Condemned Criminal Origins, King Kong and Call of Duty 2 and am slowly chipping away at Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo. Unfortunately servers are shut down for PGR3 so I'm only going for the achievements I can get. One I've had trouble finding anyone to boost with is Hardwood Spades.

I've got about 50 games I haven't even played yet, as I'm more or less doing them in chronological order, I've got all the launch games and a lot of 05/06 games.

One problem that presents me is trying to get a cheap NTSC-US 360 so I can play the US only games like College Hoops and MLB. I'd pay more for a Japanese 360, but not much for a US one.

I don't think they should ever close the servers down what would happen to our gamerscore when we earn achievements on non-bc 360 games? Surely, it doesn't cost a muti-billion dollar company much money to keep the service up for loyal fans?
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