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Saving Vigil's Keep AND Amaranthine

Posted on 30 June 19 at 17:37
Hey everyone. I've seen discussions about this on other sites but wanted to check with y'all, about saving both amaranthine and vigil's keep.

I've done all the fort upgrades, completed every quest for upgrading solder's weapons (ore deposts, lyrium sand, mining, and closing the deep roads tunnels), and yet after saving Amaranthine it tells me the keep is lost and everyone killed.

Now, I've read everywhere that it's a bug, that in the epilogue it will say the keep successfully defended itself against the mother's army, but that the overall transfer of information into subsequent games is buggy nonetheless (while the epilogue will say both were saved, file transfer into DA2 will say only one was saved, Nathaniel dying if you didn't bring him with you, etc).

I've also read that there's additional requirements for saving the keep, including keeping the soldiers in the fort and finishing teammates personal missions. I'm leaving behind Velanna, Sigrun, and Oghren. I've raised my influence with both Sig and Og, but theirs won't trigger anytime when I go into the throne room. Velanna's was finished relatively easily though I didn't turn her into a warden.

Anyway there you have it. Wondering if s*** like this happens to anybody else.
Posted on 23 July 19 at 04:16
You are talking about the expansion called Awakening. I played this game (plus Awakening) last year but I just used a few webpages to help refresh my memory.
What you're referring to is the decision you have to make near the end which is: A)Fight to save the city of Aramanthine and the remaining survivors, or B)Set Amaranthine on fire, thereby destroying the city and the darkspawn inside and return to the Keep. You cannot somehow save both. If you choose to save the city the Keep gets jacked, if you choose to go defend the Keep you jack the city yourself with fire.
What you can do is get both achievements for defending each by not saving after you make the decision, beat the game, reload your save and choose the opposite. (Which is what I did.)
The bugs you're referring to I think just pertain to the individual characters storylines not being told accurately at the end, or when you port your profile into DA:II.

I hope that helps clear things up, that is what I remember at least, if I made any errors then I apologize in advance, it's been over a year since I completed it.
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