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Xbox Game Pass List: New Games for Console and PC in July

  • CoryG900CoryG900415,782
    Posted on 09 July 20 at 05:10
    kintaris said:
    dabudora360 said:
    Undertale Achievement?
    Not at the moment. As with previous additions, there's a small chance that they will turn up, but Xbox isn't forcing any older games to implement them.
    It's frustrating when amazing classics such as Undertale 1. were ported to PS4 but not XB1 and 2. Have working trophies in place for PS4 but can't just make those trophies achievements for Gamepass.

    I'm not a PC gamer at all and have only gotten into it due to my Gamepass sub.. but there was a game, Unavowed that seemed like the type of game I would really enjoy and was always hoping it would be ported to consoles.. then I see it on GP and I was pumped to play it and earn some achievements. Now I see that there isn't achievements involved and it totally deflates how excited I was to play.. Achievements for sure aren't everything but with a huge backlog it's def a tiebreaker that will make me play other games before it..
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