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    Posted on 05 July 19 at 05:39, Edited on 12 July 19 at 22:22 by KanchanaburiPermalink
    Originally I had created this post to ask for help with the Fume Knight, one of the (apparently) hardest bosses in the series. And although I never found anyone here, I decided to edit this post to help others.

    I ended up post a session after joining the Dark Souls 2 club on Xbox Live. I specifically asked for help on the Fume Knight, make a time (like our sessions on TA) and by the time the session started 3 hours later, I had 4 people offering to help me. Now, keep in mind that people have to be around your soul level (the number in the top right of your stats), otherwise they cannot connect with you and they must be able to travel to the same area to be summoned. But give it a try, I was amazed by the community!!

    More Help

    Do not kill any of the NPC's who want to talk with you. There is no reason, except after you beat the game and want to steal their shit. They all have something to give, and many of them are connected to achievements.

    You only need to play 2 playthroughs. There is a solution on the 'get all achievements' achievement which explains how to skip the entire 3rd play through and still get all the achievements.

    Don't be afraid to Farm. Enemies respawn after you rest at the bonfire, and can be killed 10 times. Spend time farming the kills and rank yourself up before heading into the next section. It saves you wasting your consummables in the future. There is nothing better than meeting a boss as an OP maniac!

    And Lastly

    This game is not hard. Not at all. For years I stayed clear of it because of Darksoul's reputation for being terribly hard. BUt it isn't. Consult the walkthrough on TA (it's great!) and it makes the game extremely enjoyable.
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