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Online achievement boosting

  • Kosmik VolfeKosmik Volfe170,410
    Posted on 08 July 19 at 22:41Permalink
    Looking to get a large group of people also wanting to boost I figure we can coordinate a time and all start searching at the same time. As long as one of us has a mic and can do tell when to search. Currently looking to do some 20 round wins and kill a killer as well as 25 wins in bronze or higher. Don't want to reset my rank because I'm close to that for wins.

    I ask because I tried to play ranked legitly and god the people on there are so toxic and douchey. I ran into someone who extended a combo after winning and doing an ultra showing off. After that I decided to not play ranked I can't stand people like that or teabaggers.

    Getting a group of people looking to get the same achievements and play respectfully would be nice. I'm sure anyone trying ranked as run into jerks too.
  • XealonXealon631,088
    Posted on 11 July 19 at 16:23Permalink
    I agree the teabagging is silly and childish behaviour but extending a combo is fair game.

    I do it when I can if i havnt got the 150 challenges for a character which I typically won't if I still need the ranked wins. Using 2 shadow moves into an ultra that is cancelled by an instinct into another combo with two more shadow moves and another ultra for about a 100 hit combo is one of the best ways to increase a range of challenges and is easy to do if you manage the win. It boosts shadow moves, autos, ultras, instincts, combo hits, juggle hits, manuals and sometimes even more.

    So while some do it to show off which I have nothing against as getting a ranked win can be difficult, its notvalways about just showing off and being a douche
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