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Splash Damage

  • S4WS4W605,943
    Posted on 10 July 19 at 16:46, Edited on 10 July 19 at 16:50 by S4WPermalink
    Splash Damage:
    Destroy more than one machine at the same time using the m/49 Granatgevär or a hand grenade

    How are people getting this achievement? I've been trying this since the game was released and I now see recently that people are starting to unlock this (pretty sure it was bugged before). I've tried and tried to get this (killing multiple robots at the same time) with both the rocket launcher and grenades but it just never pops the achievement. Is it glitched and unlocking some other way instead of how the achievement requirement is started in the description?
  • Snitty 1Snitty 11,255,030
    Posted on 10 July 19 at 23:43Permalink
    The achievement was made obtainable with a recent patch but still doesn't seem to work quite how it is supposed to. Read my comment in this thread.
    July Update
  • S4WS4W605,943
    Posted on 11 July 19 at 06:50, Edited on 11 July 19 at 06:54 by S4WPermalink
    Yeah I know that's why I'm asking how people are unlocking it as I've tried for hours and it just doesn't unlock for me. I farmed for rockets (I have a 5crown rocket launcher) and went searching for grenades (15 total) but it just wont unlock. I was hoping maybe someone could shed some light on how they actually got it so I can put this bugfest of a game to rest. I've tried it on runners, seekers, ticks and even hunters with no luck. Is it a particular robot that people are getting it to unlock on? as there are is a few variations of each robot (green, orange,red/black etc..).
  • Snitty 1Snitty 11,255,030
    Posted on 11 July 19 at 11:22, Edited on 11 July 19 at 11:27 by Snitty 1Permalink
    Doesn't sound like you read my comment from the thread linked above, this is how I got the achievement.
    For the Splash Damage achievement you need to do a chained double kill. I did it with a grenade and a car. There were 2 runners next to a car, I threw a grenade to the opposite side of the car, the grenades explosion made the car explode and then the cars explosion killed the 2 runners.

    It's worth noting that I deleted my save and started a new game before I could get this to work. If anyone reading this decides to delete their save as well, be sure to pass your weapons and gear to a friend first so you can get them back after starting again.

    Should probably also say I wouldn't recommend deleting your save until they fix the fashionista achievement as it takes a long time to farm 200 clothing items.
  • S4WS4W605,943
    Posted on 11 July 19 at 14:31, Edited on 11 July 19 at 14:56 by S4WPermalink
    Snitty 1 said:
    Doesn't sound like you read my comment from the thread linked above, this is how I got the achievement.
    Yes I read the reply you linked to but it had nothing about Splash Damage, just a post about clothes.

    I’ll also chip in that clothing with or without the plus sign is not registering when you pick up it up.

    Makeup however is, along with chains, and glasses.

    Fair play for the grind though, have you purchased the new clothing dlc
    I never scrolled up as it just looked like a single post made by someone else. When I refreshed the forum I realised there were a lot more posts in the thread you link as it had the same name as the link you provided (guess you linked to the bottom of the thread by mistake instead of your comment).

    Anyway thanks for your info but I'm not about to delete my save with 84 missions complete and all my guns etc just because the dev's can't get it right (I don't have anyone in my friends list that kept the game, they all got refunds when it was released cause it was so buggy). I did try what you said with the car but it still didn't unlock with my current toon so I guess I'll just chalk this one up to lesson learned in believing anything this company says. Thanks again and maybe one day the dev's will put out a fix for people like me that are already glitched :)

    EDIT: I just had a though, If you say it worked for you with a fresh save do you think I could disconnect the network so it will be offline (not connected to live) go into manage game and addon's ,delete the save and then do a fresh toon offline racing to the nearest grenade and try it that way, if it pops or not I then connected to live and let it sync my save back with the one stored on M$ servers?
  • Alias DJAAlias DJA187,070
    Posted on 12 July 19 at 07:20Permalink
    Can you even play this offline?

    I did exactly the same thing for Horizon 3 Blizzard Mountain and Hot Wheels as achievement tracking glitched.

    Let us know if it works S4W - oh - and there's rumors of character wipe on next update to fix fashionista so wouldn't get too attached to everything. you...are currently stuck in limbo for the final 2.

    Once fashionista is fixed, id go from there.
    In boost we trust
  • S4WS4W605,943
    Posted on 12 July 19 at 13:55, Edited on 14 July 19 at 07:01 by S4WPermalink
    Yes you can play Gen0 offline just fine. I haven't tested the save sync yet with Gen0 but I did start a new game on different game that I'm about to start. I first played the game until i received a checkpoint then went offline and deleted the save the way I said above through manage games addons. Once I connected to xbox live again it synced my save file that was saved on M$ servers and I was back to where I was when I wentr offline so I can't see why it wont work.

    I'll be testing this prolly tomorrow as I have some real life things I need to take care off so can't play until then, I'll keep you posted. As for the complete wipe, there is no need for this as all they have to do is write some code that checks your character sheet ingame and count the amount of clothes etc you have. If they do go ahead with a wipe, this company is garbage and not worth my time after this game is done.
  • Alias DJAAlias DJA187,070
    Posted on 12 July 19 at 14:59Permalink
    Yeah its going to be emotional if they do.

    I've done 3 characters now to level 30 starting fresh from every update in May, June, and July to prey to finish this game.

    It's the definition of love hate relationship.

    I'll add you on XBL - let me know if you pull it off. nice one.
    In boost we trust
  • S4WS4W605,943
    Posted on 12 July 19 at 19:38, Edited on 01 August 19 at 20:46 by S4WPermalink
    Sadly it didn't work for me. I was able to delete my save from manage games and addons and was able to start a fresh new save/toon offline game just fine. I followed the story until Vessland bunker hoping I would find some grenades but couldn't find any. I thought I'd go to the navel base and grab the rocket launcher from there and ended up finding 8 rockets while heading towards the airfield but still no grenades by the time I got there. I'd tried along the way with the rocket launcher blowing up just the robots, then with cars etc but still no achievement. After 5 1/2 hours of searching I finally found 2 grenades.

    First try couldn't have been better, 2 red/black runners were just sitting there side by side so i lobbed over 1 of the grenades and boom it blew the shit out of both of them perfectly but no cheevie. I then went looking in town for some runners and found some, kited them back to a car and again they were right next to each other and on the other side of the car from me so i threw the grenade at my side of the car and it killed the runners but again no cheevie.

    I deleted the save and connected to live, loaded the game and it synced my original save back to the console. So looks like this for what ever reason is glitched to fuck for me. Good luck to anyone that wants to try this method I hope you have better luck then me, I wipe my ass with this game and this company.

    EDIT: Ok I dont know how but after turning on my xbox this afternoon I noticed it said I had one recent achievement. To my surprise it was Splash Damage and it said I unlocked it yesterday but it was clearly still locked yesterday when trying to go for it and nothing ever popped on screen so I guess it did work after all, just took 24h's (give or take) to sync with M$ servers from my profile or something. It was definitely still locked and not in the old Done ...Unlocking state like we have seen in the past so I can only assume trying this offline caused the delay somehow.

    At any rate this is what I did incase anyone else wants to try (and want to keep their original save intact). please keep in mind that the achievement never popped on screen and still said it was LOCKED "after" all my attempts yesterday (somehow unlocking 24-ish hours later)

    1. Disconnect your console from the internet and make sure you are not connected to xbox live.
    2. Go to My Games and Apps and scrolled over high lighting Generation Zero from your list.
    3. Click the menu button (start button for you old school gamers) and click from the menu "Manage game & add-ons".
    4. Scroll down to Save Data and select "Delete All" and then OK (remember to make sure you are disconnected from the internet/Xbox Live if you want to resync your save after you're finished).
    5. Load Gen0 up and follow the prompts on screen until the main menu then click New Game.
    6. Now play the game up until you get to Vesslan Bunker and search for some grenades, if you can't find any then go to the Navel base and grab the rocket launcher from the gas filled room (it's on the table to your left as you enter the room) it should also give you some rockets as well
    7. Find yourself some runners (I left a lot of them at the church/farm etc.. along the way so I had many options to try for it) and start going for the achievement or keep looting on the way to the airfield and try to loot some grenades there (I have no idea what actually popped the achievement as I said it never popped on screen or even after I was finished (read above)).

    I would try both methods personally just in case and also try using the car trick (popping a flare on the opposite side of a car too you and blowing up the car from your side with the rocket or grenade causing a chained explosion) as well as just blowing them straight up like the achievement description.

    8. If the achievement pops for you that's great but if it doesn't like me on the day and you either run out of rockets/grenades or think you have done it enough times then quit/exit the game and go delete your save as you did in step 3 & 4.
    9. Reconnect your console back to the internet "after" deleting the save and then start Gen0 while connected to Xbox Live. After a few screens it will resync your save you have with Xbox Live and if like me the achievement still says it's locked, now play the waiting game and see if it unlocks after 24h's.
    AGAIN I have no idea if the very first rocket threw to the last grenade I tried popped it as it took around 24h's to actually unlock with no indication it was even going to unlock. GOOD LUCK to anyone that was glitched with your current toon that tries this method.
  • Alias DJAAlias DJA187,070
    Posted on 20 July 19 at 11:58, Edited on 20 July 19 at 12:11 by Alias DJAPermalink
    I'm always of the opinion that if your going to solve a problem - you've gotta take ownership of it. As S4W managed to crack the Offline criteria, confirming Snitty1's approach works - I took a few different approaches to the achievement using all the info above.

    As S4W mentioned, it unlocked behind the scenes once he re-connected and re sync-ed. The same happened to me - 16 hours from re-connecting to XBL and re-syncing the profile. Again, I also have no idea which setup i used that actually unlocked it.

    I did however - clip my kills so in theory, following the same path will also get you one achievement left to finally bury the game. A few things to mention before hand:

    I cycled the whole map, to the Golden Rocket launcher North. That's right...

    32 minutes point to point wasted because you need a bridge mission active to spawn it. So don't bother trying that way. warning

    This is a complete virgin character - offline - with all previous ONLINE game saves deleted. Everything you see has been picked up along the way - and I have used the bikes to get around the map and have done no inventory swap.

    Attempt 1.

    Explosive round into car - into chain explosion destroying distracted runners with flare.

    Attempt 2.

    Localised runners distracted by flare - explosive round just short of enemy, causing chain explosion to surrounding runners.

    Attempt 3.

    My personal favourite - and what 1 of the 2 I believed popped it. Enemy runners drawn to radio positioned next to car & large fuel tank. Sticky flare to keep distracted - followed by grenade into car. Car explosion chains into fuel tank explosion - destroys all surrounding runners.

    Attempt 4.

    This is the 2nd of the potentials. Simple setup providing you have the cars aligned like this. This was at Saltnhelm - West side of the church. Distracted runners with 3 x flares - grenade explosion on furthest car, chain into exploding 2 other cars destroying runners.

    High Explosive / Rocket Launcher Rounds - Spawn Locations
    ( Remember the 4 hour rule )

    High Explosive Rounds & Grenade locations

    BONUS VIDEOScompute

    Inside the cockpit

    One bang from the sky headspin
    In boost we trust
  • CrmsnsShdwCrmsnsShdw630,550
    Posted on 24 August 19 at 18:54Permalink
    I just got this today, I placed a explosive tank down in the hallway with 2 runners inside the Naval bunker, once they got close I shot it killing both and the achievement popped. No idea if this helps anyone.
  • Posted on 07 December 19 at 16:42Permalink
    how would it have popped if the description says use a grenade or the launcher, shooting wouldn't work.
  • S4WS4W605,943
    Posted on 11 December 19 at 16:22, Edited on 11 December 19 at 16:22 by S4WPermalink
    @KinjoTheTaken ,because the achievements are very buggy. As an example I got the achievements for killing a machine from over 300m by sliding down a rock, or kill a seeker with a grenade launcher but all I did was aim the launcher at the seeker and followed it around for a few sec's (didnt fire the launcher).
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