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Mirrors edge WP

l Concetto18 l
Posted on 12 July 19 at 00:01
Hi there, its posible play this game in an emulator?

Mirror's Edge (WP)

Is this legal? Because i see there are people on 2019 who are getting achievements, or need an windows phone???
EveryBody Lies
Posted on 12 July 19 at 00:22
If you already own the game you can still get achievements in it regardless of what year it is. Don't know of any WP emulators out there so ya you need a WP.
Game On.
Living Legends
Posted on 12 July 19 at 01:58
Actually if game is delisted it is not possible to download it on win8 or older devices. Some game should can be downloaded on Win10'even though they are delisted. Not an IM question either
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 12 July 19 at 12:21
This is not an IM question, agreed.

It's possible to play the game in the official emulator, but the emulator does not support unlocking achievements by design. It's meant to allow developers to test their games.

For Mirror's Edge, people are playing it on their Windows Phones. Plain and simple. As was mentioned, you can redownload most games you've previously owned on Windows 10 Mobile, though I believe Mirror's Edge was one of those that was completely removed from the service.
Posted on 12 July 19 at 14:39, Edited on 12 July 19 at 14:40 by JumboWario
BUT if you never deleted it then it should be able to be played as normal. I think stuff like that only gets flagged by investigations if it’s like online services that were shut down ie discontinued achievements being unlocked.
Game On.
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