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Important Warning from Dev on Reddit

  • Rickr304Rickr3041,047,618
    Posted on 13 July 19 at 15:45
    Putting this here, I saw it on reddit. I am not the dev, I am just helping spread this warning:

    "For anyone getting Xbox Streets of Rogue, please read this! Do NOT create a custom character in any slot other than the top-left slot. If you do, the next time you play, you won't be able to start a game. To fix this, you'll need to delete all your save data. Patch is coming soon. I am extremely sorry about this, I'm not sure how this slipped through the cracks. (I'm the developer in case this wasn't obvious)"
  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,749,595
    Posted on 13 July 19 at 22:02
    I don't use reddit, so I appreciate you sharing the info.

    I have noticed that there seems to be some glitched achievements at the moment ('adapting to city life' and 'cannibal'). Has there been any mention of these achievements being addressed?
  • Rickr304Rickr3041,047,618
    Posted on 13 July 19 at 23:51
    He was notified of "adapting to city life" on reddit. No mention of cannibal.

    His response to "city life" being bugged:

    "That is bizarre. It was working fine on PC last I checked, and I assume this got tested on Xbox at some point. Will look into it, thanks for bringing it to my attention."

    I am thinking his publisher dropped the ball here. I have a feeling this guy developed the game for PC, and publisher TinyBuild handled the port. "I assume this got tested on Xbox" sounds like he was not involved in the port. Seems like they dropped the ball pretty hard.

    I've had my eye on this game since it was announced for Xbox, but will be holding off until bugs are squashed and achievements are obtainable.
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