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Final Achievement Not Unlocking

Posted on 13 July 19 at 17:51
Anyone else having trouble getting the final achievement to unlock? The "Obtain all other achievements" achievement? I have all Feats completed on the same save file and still no dice. Talked to the dev on twitter and he suggested I complete a quest and kill a boss to try to retrigger the achievement check, but that didn't work either. Any advice anyone?
- Goat
Posted on 14 July 19 at 23:26, Edited on 16 July 19 at 00:55 by chrisbarryrocks
I'm having the same issue. I completed all quests except this one, "Savior of Vilete" and "Perseverance" on my first playthrough, then did NG+ and completed the final two - But 'The Timespinner' remains locked. It is listed as complete in my feats, along with every other feat, but no achievement.

Edit: I'm also playing on Windows 10 through Game Pass
Posted on 15 July 19 at 07:14
Same with me i'm gonna try to "perfect" all the bosses and see if that works, but it seems to be bugged. I played windows 10 version through game pass. I wonder if the same is happening to people on console.
Posted on 15 July 19 at 09:30, Edited on 15 July 19 at 09:31 by Healtti
XELPHIOUS 8bar said:
I wonder if the same is happening to people on console
Console player here. Got every achievement possible in one run on Normal. Fought young Nuvius at the end and left Vol for the Nightmare NG+ speedrun. Worked fine.

Wouldn't be the first Win 10 version featuring achievement glitches... And yet another reason to dislike those "pseudo platinum trophy" achievements.
"We aren't planning on doing anything about it." - Bethesda Support North America
Posted on 15 July 19 at 12:47
It's not unlocked for me either on Windows 10. Makes me wonder how those 2% have gotten it.
Posted on 16 July 19 at 01:59
Update: I installed this game on my Xbox One and loaded up my cloud save. Went to fight Sandman and the achievement unlocked right after I got to the second phase of the fight. So, yeah, definitely a Windows 10 problem.
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