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Why Too Human Is Amazing

Posted on 14 July 19 at 00:58, Edited on 14 July 19 at 16:07 by Azrael008uk
The setting of this game is epic genius.

Re-Imagining the Norse Gods in a Cyber-Punk future before "Cyber-Punk 2077" was even a thing (edited that last bit to be clearer).

In actual Norse Mythology Baldur was the god of Love. He was so treasured by the gods that they got all of creation to swear an oath that they would never harm him.

At the time... Mistletoe was a young creation and Freya felt it wasn't appropriate to ask it to swear such an oath.

Because nothing in creation could harm Baldur one of the things the Norse gods used to do to amuse themselves was throw stuff at Baldur and watch it not kill him. Axes, knives, all sorts of things.

One day they were amusing themselves doing this and Loki, the god of Mischief, shows up and threw a twig of mistletoe at Baldur... who dropped dead on the spot.

Silicon Knights take their own twist with the game openning with the Aesir (Sunday name for the Norse Gods) raiding Hel to reclaim Baldur and bring him back.

This upsets Hel as they have a treaty where dead people should belong to her, in Hel. Trouble starts and the backdrop of the game is set.

In the game Odin is the giver of Tech. The name "Too Human" comes from the concern of Baldur's fellow gods that he is too human in his attitudes and thinking and not fully embracing the realm of Tech.

As you walk about Asgard, as Baldur, one of the Aesir gods... guards snap to attention and present arms in your presence. They kneel if you pass. The City of Asgard is a fantastic precursor to the "Home HUB" where you re-stock, relax and re-supply.

The combat in "Too Human" is strange at first.

You attack with the Right Analogue Stick. It's weird and takes some getting used to. Unfortunately, because "Too Human" wasn't what people were used to, then they were as quick to complain and cry about it as any kid getting into a car in a game and finding out the controls and handling weren't an exact copy of "Grand Theft Auto".

The combat is amazing. Fast paced, weighty and awesome. You could fumble like a drunken uncle at a wedding and fall on your face and do really crap. But once you got the hang of it then you would tear through hoards of cyber-goblins and mech-elves like a samurai sword through snow.

The dungeons are huge. The enemies diverse. The combat rewarding for those who took the 2 minutes to understand how it works and start fighting effectively.

The loot is like Diablo. There are helms, pauldrons, gloves, breastplates, greaves, boots with varying levels of rarity that may be further modified by Runes.

The weapons are legion. Swords, Greatswords, Spears, Pole Axes, Staffs, Hammers, Pistols, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers and more.

These too may be modified by Runes. Blueprints may be found for both Weapons and Armour.

Graphically the game looked great back in the day and on the One X it can still look spectacular from time to time.

It looks a bit dated now but the gameplay remains amazing. The only XBox 360 game I could regularly play on my XBox One was "Diablo III" before "The Infernal Collection" came out and even then, it looked "not as good" as everying else on the XBox One.

On the One X I've not been able to put "Too Human" down.

Now I have to accept that the game is not perfect. When you die, a Valkyrie comes for you.

Yer gonna die a lot and if you die a lot quickly you're going to find this scene annoying.

My advice would be... stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If you're getting killed all the time you're doing something wrong. Read the instructions and you'll do better.

Also, the boss battle with Hod is annoying. But nothing else is that bad. It's just 1 bad boss battle in the game. You just need to get through it and we'll all pretend that didn't happen.

So back in the day if the internet told you something was bad... well you believed it. It had to be right.

Back then the internet told you this was bad. The same morons were also telling you that "Season Passes" were a good thing, that "2nd Hand Game Sales hurt Developers" and that "It was appropriate for Activision to charge so much for COD because you were spending more time playing it than you used to".

Understand that anyone who couldn't succeed with the Analogue Stick Control for Combat is the same as those Sausage Fingered fools trying to button mash their way through a Mortal Kombat game and insisting there must be something wrong with the game rather than face the fact that they're simply not very good at it.

Tragic what happened to Silicon Knights. This should have been an amazing Trilogy.

Taken off the marketplace due to a lawsuit we're very lucky to have it back and it's a testament to just how many people actually acknowledge this game as the Masterpiece that it actually is, that Microsoft said "Hey, technically we're the Publisher... let's release it for free".

Thank you too to Epic for saying "OK".

Brilliant game.

Don't miss out.
LV 1 Blue Slime
Posted on 14 July 19 at 02:44
Welcome to TA, Denis Dyack! FYI, Too Human does not predate Cyberpunk (the latter predates the former by decades). Someone could write a book about everything wrong with this post, but I'm guessing it'd be more productive to piss into the wind.
"Slutty outfit? You're one to talk." "This isn't slutty, it's strategically placed."
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 14 July 19 at 04:59
I could fill this page on why too human is the biggest piece of human trash on the planet and in my opinion the worst video game ever made.

I'd rather play Robotron, ET, and Hong Kong 97 for the rest of my life then have to endure Too Human ever again.

Terrible stage design, a god awful story, and piss poor gameplay make too human one of the worlds biggest mistakes.

Any unsold copy was forced to be legally destroyed. Microsoft had to give it away for free. It's incredibly insulting that they even bothered placing this trash back onto the marketplace and wasted our final backwards compatible spot.

This is the darkest timelime and we are forced to live with this.
Posted on 14 July 19 at 16:05, Edited on 14 July 19 at 16:06 by Azrael008uk
LV 1 Blue Slime said:
Welcome to TA, Denis Dyack! FYI, Too Human does not predate Cyberpunk (the latter predates the former by decades). Someone could write a book about everything wrong with this post, but I'm guessing it'd be more productive to piss into the wind.
This is completely true. I'm talking "Cyberpunk 2077" and should have been much clearer than I was.

Cyberpunk as a concept is definitely much older.

As for everything wrong with the post?

Just like the 2nd guy prepared to write a small novel on everything that was "wrong" with it... any idiot can knock over the Lego. Let's face it, entire Youtube careers are built on this.

"Too Human" isn't perfect, but if you'd read your "Edda", love a Cyber Punk setting, love awesome loot, love customisation and love watching your character grow from a good trier into an unstoppable force of righteous destruction then "Too Human" was an absolutely fantastic game on release and is still a fun run today.
Posted on 15 July 19 at 00:01
stay off the drugs kids..
Leo Ascendent
Leo Ascendent
Posted on 15 July 19 at 04:59
I'd agree OP, pretty unique gameplay that the scrubs class as bad (you just suck at multitasking and/or have piss all for hand eye coordination). Thoroughly enjoyed 1000'ing the game. Even have an unopened copy of it somewhere around here. -
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