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XP Question

Posted on 14 July 19 at 13:39
So I’ve just gone back to AC Origins in a while. I never finished it, and my Bayek is level 30. My aim is to obtain all the achievements.
I own the season pass and all dlc. My question is, should I use the pharaoh dlc xp boost. Is there a downside? It tells me it might prolonge some achievements unlocking, but I can’t see what.
From what I can understand, my xp cap is now 55 as I have the dlc installed. So if I take the boost. All the stuff I do in the base game and both dlc packs is just going to help me hit 55 quicker. Or will I hit 55 easy anyway just from doing the dlcs plus completing all locations.
Just wondering if there is any downsides to using the boost, does it lock me out of anything?
Does it boost my character, with his upgrades, or does it make a new save with a new character and some spare points?
Thanks in advance for your time,
Posted on 14 July 19 at 17:47
I'm fairly close to getting the Completion on this, and originally started the base game and did the Level 1-55 Climb without the Boost. I did the base game Completion before starting any DLC, and was able to reach Level 55 towards the very beginning of the last DLC.

Honestly, once you hit Level 55 the pacing feels off/pointless. While there is really no disadvantage to using the boost, just know it may make the grind seem much more stale sooner on. From what I've read, using the boost instantly gets you the Skill Points from all the levels up to 45. One of the main advantages to this is that any gear you find will likely be around Level 45 - reducing the amount of low-level clutter you'll get. This can boost the Gold from selling items, and reduce the Gold spent upgrading weapons you like from lower levels.

TLDR: No strict Gameplay/Completion disadvantage. Might make the game feel more boring sooner than later.
Posted on 15 July 19 at 01:10
Ok thanks. I could always turn on auto scaling with enemies.

Tbh, combat is boring as is because I did a lot of side quests and I’m over levelled compared to the story levels. I’m about 6 levels up at the moment.

Only reason I haven’t turned it on already is I don’t really like the combat system. If I want to play a brawler, I’d play a good one. Dark Souls, DMC, For Hodor etc. I play AC for the stealth, story and world immersion.
Posted on 16 July 19 at 17:19
Agreed with Ajmon, i'm just about to finish completing the base game and i never used the boost when i started playing this game 2 weeks ago, was tempted to but i figured i'd be bored cause of the lack of progression (45-55 is still a slog) and i just wanted to enjoy it.

But i also agree that the combat is pretty bad, the fighting in the older games made it not only easier but more enjoyable to fight multiple enemies at once and fighting guys with shields were too much of a chore.
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