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Does achievement tracking work on this game?

Posted on 15 July 19 at 15:01
I read the comments about the game not unlocking achievements sometimes and I noticed that my achievement tracker isn't updating any progress. Does the game not track? Just looking for confirmation.
Posted on 15 July 19 at 19:45, Edited on 16 July 19 at 01:16 by DefEdge
The game itself doesn't have tracking ribbons, no. The issue is that you have to play the game in one sitting, otherwise the game MAY NOT remember your progress and 'forget' to award you achievements when you finish the whole thing. I've currently got an issue with an achievement popping but it's not showing up on the list as unlocked, but I got a notification saying I've unlocked it AND It's in my recent achievements as unlocked, though the official list isn't showing it unlocked. The achievement is On a Golden Roll for 20 Paw prints. It seemed to unlock on time without any issues. I'm expecting it to be fine, but you never know. Another thread says the team has no interest in patching the game, so I would make sure I didn't shut the game off or you are looking at a wipe and reinstall with another full playthrough hoping the game unlocks what's missing.

Edit: I finished the game, have all achievements, but right now the achievements for every game I have is blank, so it must be a Live issue. There's also badges in the game for all of the achievements except for the 'get all achievements', and I have the badge for the one I was missing. I asked TA to update me and it says I have all 17 achievements. No idea what's going on.

Edit 2: After getting an achievement in another game it updated and now I have the 17 out of 17.
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