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Shenmue I & II (Win 10) Walkthrough Discussion

Information Posted on 16 July 19 at 08:10
Please use this thread to discuss the Shenmue I & II (Win 10) walkthrough
Information Posted on 30 July 19 at 08:54
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Shenmue I & II (Win 10) Walkthrough
Posted on 31 July 19 at 00:19
Why the hell would you not list windows controls on the windows guide? I don’t have a controller and play windows when I’m not on my box. This is the windows walkthrough. Please update. It’s frustrating when you just copy over without updating for the platform
Yinga Garten
Yinga Garten
Posted on 31 July 19 at 00:27
Tone down the aggression first of all. I can add them if there is the demand, but not with a post like that. Or you could just look at the settings on the menu, how simple is that?
Posted on 31 July 19 at 02:20
Not trying to be aggressive just incredulous. Why would there not be demand? It is the windows version...

Why even publish a windows version walkthrough if you are just going to port your console version over and not update the guide for the specific platform?

Please don’t get me wrong. Your efforts at a walkthrough are appreciated. But my question is legitimate and ultimately would improve the quality of your guide.
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