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My profile is 100% incapable of signing into 360 Live

Piston Toyota
Piston Toyota
Posted on 20 July 19 at 22:00
So this issue cropped up for me last week, and I have completely exhausted all options with regards to fixing it, so just dropping this here out of desperation.

I tried to launch a 360 game through my Xbox One (Battlefield Bad Company, but what game it is is insignificant to the problem) and found that I simply could not sign into Live. I was connected to the One just fine, it was only the 360 emulator that wasn't working. I tried literally every troubleshooting thing I could think of: rebooting my router and modem, changing my MAC Address, hard resetting my Xbox (I'm set to Power Saving mode, so technically every time I power down is a hard reset), deleting my profile and redownloading it. I tried everything with no results. Then I tried my actual 360, and found that it was unable to sign in as well.

After some fooling around, I discovered the more concerning issue with this: My 360 can connect to Live just fine, but I get booted when I sign into my profile. No matter what I do, it is impossible to connect to 360 Live while my profile is signed in, either on the One or the 360.

To me, this suggests that there's something wrong with my profile on Microsoft's end, since if it was on my end it wouldn't be happening on both consoles, and redownloading would likely have fixed it. Whenever it fails it spits out error code 80151909, which is a generic Xbox 360 profile error that isn't terribly useful.

All in all, I'm most likely screwed. The only recourse I can think of is to contact the shaved monkeys that pass for Xbox customer support and fly into a rage at them as they uselessly quote irrelevant solutions from the first page of a Google search at me, since that's just about all they're good for.

So I suppose my question is, has this happened to anyone else? Am I literally the only cursed one? Man Xbox is great. laugh
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 20 July 19 at 22:38
Okay, some of this might sound stupid but trust me I've made enough Microsoft support calls and GFWL calls (back when they had a dedicated support number... One employee there was awesome he litteraly taught me shit)

Can you open up your windows command prompt and type

ipconfig /flushdns

Clear your DNS cache

Then can you sign into using Microsoft Edge (browser shouldn't matter but idk shits stupid)

Then can I get you to make a dummy gamertag/delete/recover it and see if you still get the same error.

If you can use another new tag and not your own go to (or your region equivalent)

Click account

Click recover account

Click contact

Click chat with Xbox support.


They rely too fucking heavily on Xbox Ambassadors and we do not know technical shit like that and they expect us to fucking give you a damn run around (Source: Am Xbox Ambassador but I rarely give a shit to give support because a lot of hard questions are over our head. We basically help with simple questions which those are the Twitter questions ambassadors grab the quickest like how do I change my tag n stuff like that)

Tell them the steps you took and give them the error code. They should have the power to investigate this further.
Posted on 21 July 19 at 03:28
Yeah it would definitely be helpful to know if you can log in with other accounts from the same physical location
Piston Toyota
Piston Toyota
Posted on 23 July 19 at 00:55
Alright, so I turned on my 360 in order to test that today and just as mysteriously as it stopped working it arbitrarily started working again today. Generally when something is broken for a full week I assume it's a serious problem than I need to address, but apparently in this case sitting around and doing nothing was good enough laugh.

Considering nothing changed to cause it, and nothing changed to fix it, I have to assume it was something on Microsoft's end that just happened to get ironed out. Either way, thanks for the suggestions folks, I was getting worried. toast
Posted on 23 July 19 at 02:50
to be fair that IS the MS way of fixing problems

Their customer support is working after the same philosophy...They all sit around and do nothing too. Until the problem maybe or maybe not solves itself
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