Game Discussion: Immortal: Unchained

This game is unfair

  • Scotty x360aScotty x360a702,099
    Posted on 21 July 19 at 13:49Permalink
    Am i missing something with this game or is it really just this unfair and poorly designed? I'm in the third area and it's basically impossible to progress past a bunch of enemies that teleport and can take over half of my health in a single shot. How is it even possible to get past this? and presumably this is not very far into the game so it's only going to get worse from here.

    Really wanted to like this game but it's beyond frustrating to play.
  • NaruszNarusz67,820
    Posted on 28 September 19 at 16:38Permalink
    You probably need a right kind of weapon or protection. I had a problem with this too until I realized that, for example, if an enemy deals ice damage, my ultra turbo ice shotgun will be completely ineffective against him. I switched to acid and suddenly progressed way ahead.
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