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HELP 'Safety Not Guaranteed' not unlocking

Posted on 21 July 19 at 15:17
I have completed all missions in the LASO non-stop action playlist, and the playlist reads 10/10. The total of ODST playlists completed should read 4/11 (it only says 3/11), it isn't marked as completed in my service record, nor has the achievement popped.

I started in the middle of the playlist with some friends a while back, and just now got around to finishing the other missions. I'm hoping this has nothing to do with that.

Advice? Thanks!
Dr Ownage108
Dr Ownage108
Posted on 22 July 19 at 07:16
Obviously I’d try restarting the game. From there if it doesn’t pop when you load it up I’d recommend loading up an ODST mission or playlist. My achievements for completing the campaign were glitched for a while and popped months later so. If that doesn’t work check that you’ve completed the game solo on legendary since that affects it sometimes.
Posted on 22 July 19 at 16:38
Which mission is showing not completed when you look at the playlist
Posted on 02 August 19 at 13:39
The issue was the epilogue. I needed to play through the whole thing again in order to get to the epilogue. If you skip any of the cutscenes, it won't count as complete. Happened to all the guys I was playing with too - except mine was blue (complete) in the playlist. Theirs was not.

Just a word of warning if you haven't gotten this achievement yet - DON'T SKIP CUTSCENES.
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