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Locked In Achievement/Play Now Online

Posted on 22 July 19 at 20:08
Is anyone having this problem with this achievement? I've been trying for the past week or 2.
My wins haven't been counting to earn a call up to the next rank. I've played and won in each of the tiers needed to play as and my wins wouldn't count or give credit to a different tier(Tier 3 win but Tier 1 given the win) I'm stuck in the Freshman League because of this.
Posted on 23 July 19 at 17:41
Something similar happened to me today. I had a tier 3 win and a tier 2 win, then I won using a tier 1 player and it didn't count.
Posted on 09 August 19 at 17:53
Yes, same thing in back to back games. Only needed a Tier 2 win to advance and twice in a row, got the win and the result showed in my record and past games results but nothing shown for Tier 2 in my season results.

How to work around??
Posted on 14 August 19 at 03:33
And it glitched AGAIN, this time only needing a Tier 3 win the division above.

Anyone figure out how to unlock?
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