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Xbox One Sale Roundup: July 23rd, 2019

  • ClockwerksClockwerks1,093,107
    Posted on 23 July 19 at 14:52
    Good price for 20XX. Might grab that so it can sit in my backlog for a year laugh
  • Linkx41Linkx4184,685
    Posted on 23 July 19 at 17:04
    Can we please sticky with the Windows news?
    Hooray for Windows 10!
  • Posted on 23 July 19 at 18:49
    Video covering some of the easier achievement completions for you guys:
  • J2B9J2B91,251,013
    Posted on 23 July 19 at 19:58
    BlackxRyan said:
    So the Arkham collection with the 3 games and all DLC is cheaper than the bundle with Asylum and City.

    Microsoft sales logic strikes again.
    Maybe they changed it or it’s just different in your country because it’s not like that in US. I think it is a thing that warner brothers games have terrible pricing outside the US unfortunately.
  • Posted on 23 July 19 at 21:07
    Lol what a ripoff for Madden 18. Time to hop onto eBay and pick up a copy.
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong547,684
    Posted on 24 July 19 at 02:46, Edited on 24 July 19 at 02:46 by TymanTheLong
    BigTymer2047 said:
    TymanTheLong said:
    All gear is upgradeable to your current level at any blacksmith. With that said, most of the point of collecting gear is to acquire new skins and engravings. You can make any gear look like any gear you want, which is good as endgame the best gear is carefully collected purples with engravings, not gear sets.

    The gear sets that come with the Ultimate are unique as far as looks go. The purple gear pieces won’t get replaced until you start to approach level 15-20.

    Regardless, at either price the game is a steal, there’s literally 100s of hours of content if you end up liking the world. Main story and dlc stories ring in at 80-120 hours depending on how thorough you are. Just make sure you get a bundle with the Atlantis DLCs, they are rather mind blowing.
    I've already got the game but this was a rare thing. An actual helpful forum response with good info and coherence. I appreciate seeing this!
    Well thank you! Anyway, I can only hope it results in more sales and more people enjoying this game, it’s rare these days for big studios to take big chances on massive single player games like this and I hope it does well so we can see more of this kind of game.
  • HawkeyeBarry20HawkeyeBarry201,011,945
    Posted on 26 July 19 at 00:42
    CDKeys has Steep for $6.50
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