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    Posted on 24 July 19 at 19:45
    Please use this thread to discuss the Big Crown: Showdown walkthrough
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  • Posted on 31 August 20 at 17:02, Edited on 31 August 20 at 17:04 by spankyNspronkle
    Only thing I would probably suggest is that grinding out the 1000 knocked over items and then the chests may not need to be done separately.

    There is such a long grind for 26 miles that your best bet is to use the settings in the guide, but also work on knocking items off the edge and opening chests instead of zig-zagging around. I find there is plenty of time to run through the map and open all three chests and knock some items off the map. Halfway through the grind you can stop opening chests and just focus on knocking stuff off here and there.

    Just seems like a better use of time since you really make little progress on distance when doing the chests and knocked items separately.
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