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Posted on 25 July 19 at 19:10, Edited on 26 July 19 at 22:03 by RedMantis2014
When it comes to anything in the S1 class or higher and rain, the hydroplaning is ridiculous. I watch the Drivatars take corners faster than I do and hug the corners, yet I'm sliding off the road when going slower than them. It gets to the point where those races are not even fun, as many times, I cannot even lose in a close race. I don't expect it to be easy, but at least not near impossible. I don't have this issue when driving in the snow and ice in the winter season. Anyone else have this issue or complaint? Asking for advice or tips.
Posted on 28 July 19 at 00:30
What difficulty are you playing on?
What assists do you have on/off?
Are you using a tune setup?
Are you using RWD?

On the unbeatable difficulty (Trial events) the game cheats to keep them behind you regardless of pace. Sometimes this can even happen on something as low as Pro or Expert difficulty.

If you have TCS or ABS off flooring the brakes or accelerator can cause lock ups and def a spin in the rain.
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